A Different Perspective Betting on Baseball

A Different Perspective Betting on Baseball

Today we’re going to look at another popular betting angle – Baseball. Normally we hear about the team, in this case the Boston Red Sox, that is doing very well in spite of having a little known rookie pitcher called Mannyescu on the mound. However, this time of year, it’s easy to get carried away with your betting, and that’s why we’ll look at a different angle.

Actually, the key to betting on baseball, regardless of the sport, is avoiding the most common mistake. That’s right, 98% of the people that bet on baseball fail to win money over the course of a season. And they fail to win money for the same reason 90% of the time.

They fail to bet objectively.

A betting favorite consistently wins by betting within the value range of +150 to +300 or more. The reason for this is they fail to bet objectively. They’re too biased to bet their favorite on a particular team. So if they have a -220 to +220 favorite, they’re going to bet subjectively.

It’s easier said than done, but you need to start betting like a fan. And this is easier when you bet the value.

A favorite of +150 or more is worth betting for. Sure, you’ll have to bet more than the price of a fair coin, but you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of a long season. Your ROI on betting lines is just over 2 units.

Favorites of +300 or more are worth betting for in 2 units.

Of course, there are a couple of other situations to look at before you can decide which team you like to bet. Injuries, home/away play, and the difficulty of the opponents are always important.

But some do it by themselves. Let’s examine the Blue Jays.

They’re a consistent favorite of at least +150 even on the road. Barry Zito is their pitcher, and they’re a couple games over .500. They’re also playing some really good baseball lately, and their pitching has been especially solid.

They don’t always get it done, but Toronto’s pitching, as solid as it’s been, has helped them remain above water. Sure, they have their hands full with the Yankees and the A’s, but other teams are clearly ahead of them.

If you’re a dog, the Blue Jays are still the best bet in baseball. At +150, you can’t go wrong. At +300, the problem isn’t that the Yankees and A’s are so much stronger. It’s that the Royals are so much stronger.

If you’re a dog, the best place to get your money is on the Blue Jays at +150. If you’re not a dog, the best place to get your money is on the Royals at +300.

All MLB totals listed are over ( 1910 entrants).

favouring the home team in any given game.

games involving a pitcher returning after missing a game or a player who has not played a game for a while, both of these are pitchers plus.

games in the middle of a series, in other words, the middle 3 games in a 9-10 game series.